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Veterinary Practice

Trainers' Parley

Bullmastiff Rescue News

Dr. Carol A. Vavra gives us an inside look into holistic health care for Bullmastiffs.  Click here to learn more about acupuncture and holistic medicine of today....


Working with guard breeds and temperament testing is one of many services that R.P.O. offers.  Click here to learn more about why training facilities are more than just teaching your Bullmastiff how to "sit"....


Kelli Johnsen discusses the dark side of where rescued Bullmastiffs come from in her state and what her organization does to help those in need.  Click here to learn more about MoKan Bullmastiff Rescue in Kansas...


Comic Strip



The escapades of Droolia the Bullmastiff:

Provided courtesy of Pooch Cafe

Linda Thompson gives you a look into the Bullmastiff psyche and why this breed is not for the feeble minded.    Click here to learn about what makes a Bullmastiff tick...


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